Marcel and Kelly Boers are about to depart on the adventure of a lifetime. Their goal? To move overseas and help some of the poorest and most isolated people in the world through an organization called Mission Aviation Fellowship (or MAF for short). Marcel was born and raised in Ancaster and attended Hamilton District Christian High School, where he first developed a love of aircraft living near Hamilton Airport. Now, he is hoping to use his skills as an aircraft maintenance engineer through MAF to fly hope and help to communities in need.

Marcel and Kelly have dreamt about becoming missionaries and working overseas since 2009, when they learned more about MAF while attending a conference in St. Louis, Missouri. When they got married two years ago, they started putting plans into action, applying to MAF just as Marcel found out that his current employer in London would be closing their aircraft maintenance base there. This was just the push they needed. They started working for MAF this past November as full-time, career missionaries.

MAF works in 30 countries around the world, using airplanes and other technology to help reach out to isolated people in need. MAF is a Christian, faith-based organization, but they partner with almost 1500 organizations around the world to help make their work possible. Some of the organizations that use MAF’s flight services include World Vision, Compassion, UNICEF, Red Cross, Tearfund, Rotary, and many more! With over 130 airplanes in service with MAF, there is a lot of maintenance work that needs to be done to keep the planes flying–and that’s what Marcel will be doing!

Marcel and Kelly are now in the process of raising the necessary financial support that they need for their ministry work with MAF. They hope to raise all of this support by August–which includes both a one-time set amount to get them overseas, as well as regular monthly financial support to allow their ministry work through MAF to happen while they are overseas. Marcel and Kelly will be hosting a FREE dessert/information night on April 10th at Heritage Fellowship Baptist Church in Ancaster, 557 Garner Rd West, to share about their work with Mission Aviation Fellowship. This event is open to anyone from the community, and will run from 7:30 to 9 pm, including a presentation and time of fellowship. An opportunity to donate to Marcel and Kelly’s ministry through MAF will be presented during the night. Interested individuals can contact the Boers by email at, by phone at 519-777-3488 or RSVP through MAF Canada’s web page at, under News & Events>Special Events>Dessert Nights.

Anyone interested in following along with Marcel and Kelly’s adventure or learning more about what they are doing can check out the MAF Canada webpage at or their personal blog at