‘s monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday February 17th, at the Ancaster Old Town Hall,  310 Wilson St. E., Ancaster.  A coffee & tea refreshment social begins at 7:30pm followed by the meeting at 8pm.

The Society welcomes speakers Juli and Bob Proracki of . Their presentation is…. “All About Sweet Potatoes!”. In recent years Norfolk County has been racking up an impressive number of stories of farmers who have successfully transitioned from growing tobacco into other crops.  Bob and Juli  Proracki have one of the best such stories.  They grow sweet potatoes – once something of a rarity here.  Bob and Juli started their business in 2001 and it has grown over the years because they listen to customers’ suggestions and make changes to improve or add to their products. Of the 4500 varieties of sweet potato available world-wide, they grow six, allowing them and their customers a good selection of textures and colours – from palest yellow to beet red.

grow mainly sweet potatoes, along with butternut squash, and they are grown without the aid of any chemicals.  The Prorackis prefer direct contact with the people who buy their product, answering any questions they may have about nutritional values, preparation, storage, etc. and they supply them directly to their customers – both raw and/or processed into mouth-watering prepared foods.

All are welcome to monthly meetings.  Admission is free.

Registration is not required.

For more information contact Christine DeMarco 905-648-5134.