You know what it’s like ~ that all too familiar throbbing pain in your head. You suffer from them all the time, but do you know what actually causes your chronic headaches?

The pain you feel when you have a headache is not located in your brain, even though it feels that way. The pain is actually sensed by nerve endings located in your head and neck. Many types of events, inside and outside of your body, serve as “triggers” that can bring on a headache. Knowing what causes your headaches will allow you to take action to remove the cause of interference to your body’s normal , healthy function.

According to a 2004 article in the Journal of Manual Therapy, people the suffer from headaches will often have altered neck posture or restricted cervical range of motion.  As the normal structural integrity and function of the spine is lost, increased stress and inflammation irritate or compress spinal nerves and lead to neck pain and headaches.  Do you sit at a desk, drive a lot, bend forward at work, play with your kids on the floor or sleep on too many pillows?

Chemical and emotional stresses also cause increased stress in the spine and nerve system. Do you eat processed foods, fruit treated with pesticide or drink chemically treated water?  Do you have relationship, work or financial stress?  These also contribute to spine and nerve stress.

Posture is a window to the spine and is a preliminary screening tool to indicate if spinal misalignment is present.  Call our office today to receive a free consultation and postural evaluation with Dr. Neil!