Give the shirt off you back.


Ron Reeleder, founder

If you’re like most hockey families, somewhere stashed in your home you have a pile of hockey jerseys that are too good to be thrown out yet serve no real purpose to save. My brothers and I collect as many as 6 or 7 jerseys a year between tryouts, hockey, spring hockey, ball hockey and, as my dad also coaches, he usually has a few unused ‘spares’ kicking around as well. Well we’ve found the perfect home for all of these jerseys!

 Hockey Jerseys for Hope.

Hockey Jerseys for Hope is an organization that collects used hockey jerseys and delivers them to those in need. Their goal is to put 1,000,000  hockey jerseys on the backs of those that need them.

This past monday this organization sent out 2,500 Hockey Jerseys along with some baseball, football, and soccer jerseys and some regular clothing to Ghana in western Africa.

New Orleans

Sid DeGroot


Hockey Jerseys for Hope  have also teamed up with myself as I travel to do mission work in New Orleans this March Break, giving me as many jerseys as I can carry to hand out to the needy in this area. You can read more about that by clicking here. I’ll be reporting back on my trip on so please check back and see how your jerseys are utilized.


Jersey Drive Morgan Firestone Arena

You can donate jerseys any time but for your convenience a jersey drop-off box will be located at Morgan Firestone during Super Saturday this Saturday, March 2. What a great and easy way to give a gift to those who can really use it.