Not into traditional religion? Why not try the Meeting House this Easter Sunday.

The Meeting House is a church for people who aren’t into church.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with organized religion, maybe you are investigating Jesus for the first time, or maybe you have moved into a new area and are looking for a community to rally around and serve our world better. Whatever your situation, the Meeting House hopes will find a place there to ask questions and find what you are looking for.

 This Easter the Meeting House message focuses on – Afraid. Abandoned. Anguished. Alone. In our darkest moments, we wonder if God understands or cares. This Easter, explore the mystery and miracle of the suffering and empathy of this one called “God with us”.

Please join us on Good Friday and Easter Sunday as we bring into focus more clearly, This Man Named Jesus.

Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014
SilverCity Ancaster | 10:00 am 

The Meeting House, Ancaster meets inside SilverCity Theatre Ancaster, 771 Golf Links Road, every Sunday at 10:00 am. (At the Medowlands)

Below is a recored welcome message from their Teaching Pastor:

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