Summer is Sizzling with Fit It In.  Check out what is going on this summer.

Enjoy your work out AND the great outdoors at the same time!  This energetic “boot camp” style workout has something for everyone and is led by certified personal trainer, Leslie Johnson.
*Our wonderful babysitters will keep your children entertained nearby while you exercise.  $2/kiddie
Thursday mornings at the Dundas Driving Park 9:30-10:30
July 5-Aug. 23 (no class August 2)
$98 plus HST (7 weeks)

Fit It In is excited to introduce “Super Girls”; a fitness class for girls aged 9-14.  Maybe your Super Girl wants to cross-train for her favourite sport.  Maybe she needs to stay fit for dance, gymnastics or skating.  Maybe she just wants to have fun exercising in a safe, welcoming environment.  Whatever her reason for fitness, we want her!
This group is limited to 11 girls
Friday mornings in Ancaster 9: 30-10:30
July 6-Aug. 24 (no class August 3)
$98 plus HST (7 weeks)
Monday nights in Ancaster 5:30-6:30
July 9-Aug.20 (no class July 30)
$84 plus HST (6 weeks)

Contact Heather to get emails throughout the summer for surprise “meet ups”.  Throughout the summer, Heather and Leslie from Fit It In will host various one-time workouts.  Fees, dates, times and locations will all vary.  Expect park workouts, trail meet-ups and other exciting outdoor fitness experiences.  One weeks’ notice will typically be given.

About Fit It In:
A multi-faceted personal training company serving Ancaster, Dundas and West Hamilton, offering a variety of fitness services all of which give the inspiration and motivation to clients  to achieve the results they want.  Fit It In is a ten-year old company owned by Heather Cunningham, a certified personal trainer.  Leslie Johnson is Heather’s right hand woman and a certified personal trainer.

Personal Training: 
Their main business is one-on-one personal training.  A mobile service for clients in the privacy of their homes where trainers design personalized, easy-to-follow programmes for you based on your unique goals, needs and interests.  Together, they will map out a plan and meet with you regularly to ensure your success.

To register, contact Heather by reply email or 905.979.8098