Are you wondering when Ancaster Aquatic Centre and Ancaster Lions Club Pool will be open this summer?  Below is the posted schedule for each

Ancaster Aquatic Centre (June 29 – Sept 2)

Public Swim (large pool only): Wednesday to Friday 6:30pm-8pm

Adult Swim (small pool): Monday to Friday 12-1:30pm

Length Swim (large pool):  6:30-7:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 6:30-8am Tuesday and Thursday; 12-1:30pm Monday – Friday; 8:45-9:45pm Tuesday and Thursday; 8-9pm Wednesday and Friday

Water fit Class (large pool):  8-8:45pm Tuesday and Thursday

Ancaster Lions Club Pool (June 29 – Sept 3)

Public Swim:  1-6pm Monday, Saturday and Sunday; 1-4pm Tuesday to Friday

Length Swim:  12-1pm Monday to Friday; 11:30-1p, Saturday and Sunday

Water fit class:  11-11:45am Monday, Wednesday and Friday