Having been raised in Ancaster, Erica Scime, 20, grew up eating strawberries from Lindley’s, corn from Cranston Farm and tomatoes from her grandpa’s garden.  As a lover of fresh, local, Ancaster food, Scime has recently decided put together and publish a cookbook called Tastes of Ancaster. The cookbook will be full of original recipes from anyone who lives in or grew up in Ancaster, as well as recipes from Ancaster restaurants and farmers. Tastes of Ancaster will focus on all the beautiful, local produce that Ancaster has to offer, like strawberries, rhubarb, apples, potatoes and corn. All kinds of recipes, including appetizers, mains, sides and desserts, will be included in the cookbook.

Part of the proceeds from Tastes of Ancaster will go to the Ancaster Food Drive.

Anyone who is interested in submitting a recipe to Tastes of Ancaster or has any other questions should contact Erica Scime and ehscime@gmail.com.

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