On May 1, 2006 I opened a business which was to become an absolute passion as well as a successful business. I had no idea when I took care of my friend’s kitties that the week I spent with Spirit and Bear would lead to what I do today. Other friends said “what took you so long”. Guess I’m a slow learner but better late than never.

I had been in the corporate world until I branched out with my own business and knowledge of computers and then after a few years the cat business came along.

I have had cats since I was a little girl (eleven now in total). There isn’t much I don’t know about them. Since opening ForTheLoveOfCatsart 2through research and further hands-on experience with them, I have learned much more.

The business is a roaring success because I know how my clients feel about their “kids” and that’s what they call them…. most not having human children. They are very, very precious to them ….as mine are to me. I have two cats now, Anthony and Bella.

When people call me to find out about my service I love to talk to them about their cats. I find out their names and details about them before I even go to the house to arrange visits with them.

What I do is not just “a job”… it’s anything but that. I have people tell me when they come back from vacation… it was great … now I have to go back to work… ugh!! I never feel that way. If I do feel a little down about something, the minute I open the door to one of the kitties’ homes…. and they roll over with their tummies up ready for some gentle stroking that feeling is gone. How can you not feel great when a sweet little one like that greets you…. and is so happy to see you. It makes my day.

Now, from the point of view of my clients, my service is just the “be all and end all”. You just need to go to my web site and check out the video at the bottom of the home page. As well as seeing how I play with the kids I visit…. listen to what their parents say about what we do. It’s very gratifying. While you’re there check out the services we actually provide…. there’s more than just feed, change water, scoop litter and play. We take care of your kitty/kitties and your home.

Because I care so much about my clients’ “kids” I have arranged contingency plans if for any reason I’m not able to visit one day. I have three back-up people who love cats as much as I do and are very competent to fill in for me. My standards are high and I can recommend my back-up people highly.

So, when you’re planning your vacation in the next little while, and you have cats you know who to call to care for them. We work 365 days a year… all through statutory holidays ….we are happy to be “at your service” and work in the Ancaster area considerably.

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