THE FUTURE IS NOW. Canadian girls and boys are tomorrow’s Canadian innovators. As young adults, they will pursue their own employment paths from among a wide-ranging choice of endeavours, and many will choose careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). But not enough according to many sources.

And STEM Camp is changing this.

STEM Camp is a Canadian not-for-profit summer camp that was started by Kevin Cougler in 2013 with a mission to inspire and prepare today’s youth for a future of STEM careers. At the camp, youth participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities that are designed to be fun and engaging. Since 2013, STEM Camp has grown from 2 locations and 80 campers to over 50 locations and an estimated 10,000 campers during the summer of 2018.

In Ancaster, STEM Camp will be available at Ryerson United Church; 265 Wilson St E. STEM Camp starts July 3rd.

“Canada needs to graduate more students in the subject areas of STEM in order to innovate and be competitive on the world stage. I founded STEM Camp to provide opportunities for youth to be excited and inspired in a fun atmosphere so they have a real chance of pursuing STEM education and to be prepared for a future that will rely heavily on STEM. Young girls are extremely important to this plan and we are very excited that we are seeing excellent results of their increased interest in STEM.” said Kevin Cougler, STEM Camp founder and Chief Executive Officer.

During its early years of operation, the STEM Camp attendance ratio had one girl to four boys. This summer, STEM Camp’s ratio is expected to dramatically change to the level of one girl to two boys. Early registration for STEM Camp already points in that direction. This change is the result of new tactics to encourage girls to take much more interest in preparing for careers that tended to be male-dominated in the past. Changes such as an increase in gender-neutral themes and activities, an increase in female counsellors recruited from university and colleges, and significant marketing outreach to stimulate parents to enrol their daughters, were a few of the strategies STEM Camp used to significantly diminish the gender gap.

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