relies on your participation to make it successful so we’ve created a number of ways you can contribute to the site:

    • Become a regular blogger on…yes YOU! is looking for local experts to contribute directly to the site. Are you the local expert in real estate, community events, landscaping, car repair, shopping….anything? Do you want to be a ‘beat reporter’ for your school, church, club, organization, team, or even your neighbourhood? Or are you just passionate about a topic and want to find others interested in engaging in a discussion. WE WANT YOU! Contact us by clicking HERE to apply to be a regular contributor and we’ll set up with all the tools you need to become a star on!
    • Can’t quite make the commitment to participate on a regular basis – we still want to hear from you. If it’s a one-off contribution, letter, statement, article, whatever, we’re pleased to review and post it for you. You’ll find the form here.
    • Pictures – have an Ancaster – related picture you want to share – we want them! You can upload them Here.
    • Comment, Comment, Comment! Every article invites you to participate in discussion. Tell us what you think!
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Why would you want to contribute? How about this for starters?

    • FAME! Seriously – want to be recognizable in the community for being a local expert? The person people will go to for advise on your particular are of expertise?
    • FORTUNE! – Well we can’t really promise you that but it’s a safe bet the local expert on a topic will be the first place people bring their business.
    • COMMUNITY – This site is all about the community. Making Ancaster an even more awesome place to live then it already is.
    • SHARED INTEREST – Find people in Ancaster who share your passion for Gardening, Hockey, Antiques, anything!
    • COMMUNICATION – Want to share what’s happening in your school, church, club – post it here where people will easily find it.

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