Dogs in Tutu’s


Its time to step up to the plate and tackle the issue of dogs in clothes. This may stir the pot a bit with “No dogs should wear clothes” people but I am ready to take the plunge. Some think it is criminal and grotesque to impose quasi-human practices on these cute wee doggies…but I disagree.

There is a long tradition with us humans to dress our animals. Some for more practical reasons than others. Ancient Greek armies would dress their horses in leather boots to protect their feet from the snow. Police animals have been dressed in highly visible covers to keep them safe and identifiable. It was Princess Victoria in the early 1800’s that bought dog dressing into vogue with delightful doggie outfits for afternoon tea, evening ware and even special travelling outfits. Perhaps this was a little too much.

Dressing up doggie in the latest fashions seems to come in and out of Vogue depending on styles and tastes and what they are pushing in your local pet shops these days.

With owners becoming more interested in the health and well of their pets rather than the wow factor of a Shih Tzu in a dinner jacket I think the time of the “practical dog dresser has arrived.”

Go into any good pet shop in Winter and you will find boots ranging from sheepskin booties to balloon type tootsie condoms you pop onto Fidos foot. All serve a wonderful purpose of protecting your constant companions paws from the cold, the ice and the salt that covers every road and sidewalk these days. (Getting them to walk in them may be a whole other issue )

Coats made from tweed, goose down and Gore-Tex can be picked up for a pretty penny from any good pet shop. Yes in an ideal world all dogs would have a warm protective coat of hair and fur that would keep them warm and toasty in the frosty Canadian Winters. Not all breeds come with such a coat and some that do don’t get to enjoy the constant brushing that comes with a longer coat and are rockin’ a buzz cut for most of the year. For these dogs, a coat is required if you ever want to take them out in these sub arctic temperatures.

Even Summer time protection may be required to keep Fido safe and happy in the sun. With the ever depleting ozone and sun burn a reality for pets and owners alike dogs with thin, white or super short hair styles could benefit from UV Protective Sun ware.

So while dressing up Rover in Tutu’s and oh so cute Rock n’ Roll T- shirts may not be your bag, Some practical outerwear will help keep your best friend safe from Mother Natures wicked ways these days.

Have fun shopping for the perfect, practical, seasonal outfit for you dog and remember, keeping your dog healthy and happy is always in fashion.

Vicky Toon
Owner & Founder – Ancaster