If you’re a ‘biker’ that means this is your chance  to head up to Friday the 13th in Port Dover.

Every Friday 13th tens of thousands of bikes, and hundreds of thousands of bikers from all over descend on Port Dover Ontario. One of the most important ingredients in making Friday the 13th in Port Dover such a successful event is the fact that everyone, regardless of brand or any other individual identifying feature, is welcome and feels welcome.

Started by a small group of Port Dover residents back in the 1980’s, the informal ritual of gathering in this tiny town every time a Friday the 13th occurs has grown into the biggest tourism event of the region.

So, Ancaster, get your bikes out and head down Hwy 6 for this legendary event. If anyone wants to meet-up to to drive up together, you can comment below. We also welcome any feedback from those who have attended the event or plan to go.

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In the mean time, check out this video on how it all got started: