was created with a single purpose in mind. To promote and celebrate all wonderful things that  happen in this bedroom community. Over the past few days we deviated from our usual format to bring you updates and breaking news in the case of the missing Ancaster man Timothy Bosma.

Tim was more than just a lifelong Ancaster community member. You see Tim grew up next door to our husbands in a house where his parents still reside. They’ve known Tim since birth and for many years they babysat him, played with him, went to church with him, and watched him grow up to the wonderful god-fearing man he became. For the past week we along with so many others searched for Tim, and did our best to do what we could with the express purpose to bring Tim home, including updating you with the latest news in effort to find Tim. This isn’t a story for us. Like many of you it was real life.

Given the events of today we have decided to remove all stories about the case. There are many news organizations which will cover the good, bad and downright ugly as the story continues. They are good at that and they serve a purpose to the community.

As for we will simply morn the loss of Tim and celebrate the son, father, husband, friend, and fellow community member. Celebrate the time he had here with us and give thanks for the blessing he was.

As community members we want to express gratitude to many for their ongoing support:

The Hamilton Police and all cooperating police forces: The diligence, relentlessness, hours, professionalism, and dedication were and continue to be outstanding.

The Friends of the Family: The support, love, search coordination, social media management … The investigating officers said they have never seen anything like it in their careers.

The extended Ancaster and Dutch communities, acquaintances, church, prayer groups .

The many, many total strangers – helping search, delivering and printing flyers, bringing food, well wishers.

The Statement by Chief Glenn De Caire summed it up perfectly:

“Many citizens have offered to assist in search efforts and many people this week have simply called us to offer their thanks for the efforts of the officers and to show their support in the continued investigations. This is a great community, that has rallied in support of finding Tim. In Hamilton, a crime against one ….. is a crime against all.

If you wish to comment on the case, debate the ongoing events, discuss the accused, etc please do so on the sites reporting on the news. We would like to reserve comments here on memories of Tim, prayers, and well-wishes for the family. We will be sure they see it.

Thank-you all. This truly is a wonderful community.