Ancaster, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, World…. So many of you have come forward asking how you can help out the Bosma family in any way. Besides the beautiful online tributes we’ve seen here on our site and many other sites paying tribute to Tim, there are ways you can now help out either financially or through words and cards as listed below. We encourage you to continue to stick by this family as they morn Tim’s passing. This is far from over for them. We as their extended community need to see them through the worst of this and continue to make sure this family is supported both financially and emotionally for the future.

Trust Fund

A trust fund has been set up to support Tim’s wife and daughter financially:

  1. You can donate in person at any TD Canada branch with this information:
    Account number: 6332096
    Branch number: 2047
  2. If you are a TD Client and have telephone banking you can also make the transfer over the phone you just need to provide them with the account information.
  3. Online, you can make a transfer using the account information.

From other online backing institutions you can make an email transfer:

  1. Log onto your bank’s website
  2. Follow the instructions to send an interact e-transfer.
  3. The email address is:
  4. Please send the answer to the security question to the same e-mail address.
  5. Make a direct deposit: Account number: 2047-6332096

For donation purposes, Matt Goss is acting as an authorised representative for the Bosma family and can be reached at:

Book of Condolences

A book of condolences for Tim Bosma will be set up at Ancaster Old Town Hall this Friday.

City councillor Lloyd Ferguson released a statement saying “our entire community is mourning this loss and wanting to express their condolences. This is an opportunity to do so, while also respecting the family’s need for privacy.”

The book will be available for the public to sign between 2 and 9 pm.


Cards for the Bosma’s can be sent to:

Ancaster Christian Reformed Church
Fiddlers Green
PO 81151
Ancaster ON L9G 4X2

PLEASE make sure that ALL cards are marked “To The Attention of The Bosma Families“.